In order to enjoy the latest version and have a better user experience,
we recommend you to upgrade your device regularly. Thank you!
Special instructions for users whose Android operating system is lower than 5.1:
Since August 2019, Google Store requests an application level of API28 or above.
After that, users of the old Android version can’t upgrade hihilulu Application through Google Store. There are two main reasons for this trouble:
1. The user's mobile device is too old and doesn’t support some features of the new Android system.
2. The user didn’t upgrade to Android 5.1 or above on time.
How to check your device system version number:
Go to "Settings", find "About phone", then check Android version
If this version is ulterior than 5.1, it can be updated through Google Store.
If it is not ulterior than 5.1 version, hihilulu will provide you a service on its website to upgrade the old version of Learn Chinese hihilulu Application (but it’s a temporary solution).