Welcome to hihilulu Atelier ® online Chinese course! It's a Chinese initiation program specially designed for kids from 4 to 10 years old. hihilulu Atelier® is suitable for pre-school and primary school students. By using kids cartoons on hihilulu platform, it offers a theme-based Chinese immersion learning program. All courses are wired around 10 important themes in kids'daily life, and incorporated with STEAM concepts and design. hihilulu aims to help kids learn Chinese language through various topics including language, science, math, culture and art, and to prepare children for self reading through its efficient Chinese vocabulary learning method.

hihilulu Atelier ® has a team of experienced professional Chinese teachers who use "learning by playing" pedagogy to accompany kids to learn Chinese with fun and ease. It offers, through Zoom virtual classroom, Chinese class once a week, 30 minutes per course for Beginner Level(kids ages 4-6), or 50 minutes per course for Beginner/Intermediate Level (kids 5+ years old). Teachers and group members (maximum 4 kids per group) enjoy a real-time interaction. On top of this, students can log in Learn Chinese hihilulu App or hihilulu Atelier® platform to practice and review what learnt through interactive games. This is an online fun class deeply embraced by children and highly recommended by parents!

Each online course of hihilulu Atelier® is designed subject to hihilulu Atelier ® Chinese Curriculum associated with 10 themes. Highly related keywords and contents of same theme are arranged progressively at 3 degrees, which enable kids of ages 4 to 10 easily and efficiently learn Chinese at home.

Level Content Learning Goal Course Hours (C.H)
Beginner Course Theme-related learning by playing;
Learn 300 basic Chinese characters.
To narrate and describe simple things; be able to ask questions in simple sentences; to use expression of time including year, month, week, hour; to use passive and active expression, commonly used numerals and quantifiers; express simple emotions. 80-90 C.H/level
Intermediate Course Theme-related progressive learning;
500 Chinese characters and words;
Establish the method of active learning
To describe objects, such as: color, shape, etc.; to use simple sentences to guide; to express their feelings and ask simple questions; to understand simple Chinese conversation; to talk about interests, hobbies, wishes; to correctly describe direction and space. 80-90 C.H/level
Advanced Course Theme-based and scenario-based learning;
800+ Chinese vocabularies and expressions, reading skill and capability of self-study
To use Chinese to communicate on familiar topics; to write basic Chinese characters; to tell stories in simple Chinese; to read children's books; to communicate with native Chinese speakers fluently. 90 C.H/level

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