Welcome to hihilulu Atelier® Online Chinese Class! It's a Chinese initiation program specially designed for kids from 4 to 10 years old, suitable for pre-school and primary school students globally. It fully utilizes the rich resources of children cartoons on hihilulu platform, to create a theme-based contextual Chinese immersion learning program. All courses are wired around 10 important themes in kids' daily life, incorporated with STEAM concepts, and embeded in various contexts such as language, science, math, culture and art. While paying close attention to multi-dimentional language learning experiences, it guarantees highly efficient Chinese vocabulary learning method, to get children ready for self-reading.

In class: 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 4 small class, real interactive teaching by certified professional teachers of hihilulu Atelier® pedagogy and methodology, via ZOOM, 30 minutes per course

After class: Learn Chinese hihilulu App provides Chinese language environment, content immersion, and interactive natural acquisition.

Level Content Learning Goal Course Hours (C.H.)
Pre-level Cognition of 150 basic Chinese vocabularies and expressions Listen and speak simple characters, words and daily expressions;
Familiar with Chinese pronunciation and intonation;
Cultivate Chinese thinking.
60 C.H. /level

hihilulu Atelier® Online Chinese Class - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Course (5 years old+): Systematic deep study of Chinese language, suitable for over 5-year old children who have a certain level of Chinese listening and speaking ability and basic language knowledge, hence focusing on the balanced development of listening, speaking, reading and writing four skills.

Enjoy playful Chinese learning with hihilulu!

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