II. Are you also frustrated by how to motivate kids’ Chinese learning and supervise their progress?

1. Progressive System

Referring to HSK①, YCT② and GAPSK③, hihilulu has developed a unique Online Chinese Progressive Learning System for Kids®. It has identified the 800 most frequently used Chinese characters and divided them into six language levels based on complexity of vocabulary and grammar. These keywords are then organized into 10 life-relevant themes per level. 

The System firstly evaluates a child’s Chinese level through kid-friendly and gamified tests. When the System has determined the level, it will automatically push 10 themes composed of various playful content tailored to the child’s level. It analyzes the learning style and tracks the child’s progress. The more the child uses the platform, the smarter the System becomes in identifying and recommending personalized content suited to the needs of the child. 

After completing the 6 levels, children should have mastered the 800 foundational Chinese characters and be able to carry out simple communication in Chinese, which will help them start self-reading and further academic learning of Chinese.

2. Interactive and fun

To fully explore kids cognitive learning skills, after watching cartoons kids are exposed to interactive games from AI-enhanced voice training, puzzle to writing games, which help kids naturally internalize grammar and vocabularies and nurtures their desire of conversing and narrating stories. Our little sponges are expected to realize their amazing capability of picking up Chinese full of fun.