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  • children-friendly
  • creative
  • unique
  • imaginative
  • interactive
  • fun
age-appropriate content for children

hihilulu’s Philosophy

hihilulu believes that children should be exposed as early as possible to different language environments in a natural way, if they should master two or more languages. Many studies support hihilulu’s approach. ELIAS(Early Language and Intercultural Acquisition Studies) shows that,  at an early age kids possess the greatest potential to become multilingual, just by listening to different tones and immersing in different linguistic environments. hihilulu aims to create such a natural environment for children learning Chinese through its customized platform. Here kids could develop a natural sense to Chinese language, then the ability to understand and speak Chinese. Eventually they will develop their confidence and interest in acquiring Chinese academically, when they are ready.

  • Children-friendly

    hihilulu evaluates the age-appropriate contents and captures the psychological traits of children in different age group.

  • Creative

    Creativity is an ability of thinking. It is not the wild, fantastical imagination, but the ability to put forward problems, solve problems, create new things, and help people to adapt to the environment.

  • Unique

    hihilulu specially aims at Chinese language enlightenment of children, and analyzes the interests of different children.

  • Imaginative

    Children are extremely active in thinking. They love to think and want to find newness. Brainstorming can activate children’s thinking and cultivate their imagination.

  • Interactive

    Through deep processing and secondary development, the contents become more interactive.

  • Fun

    hihilulu objects to spoon-feeding and learning by rote, and only wants to create a natural, relaxed, and active language environment.