Learning Chinese through culture events in the 12th lunar month
    Date of publication :1/13/2021 11:10:49 PM


Chinese learning apps can be a great way to help kids learn Mandarin. They give children the chance to hear native Chinese speakers, respond to questions in Chinese, and a fun and engaging way to practice their reading and writing in Chinese.

From today, we enter the 12th lunar month 腊月 (Làyuè),exactly one month away to the most important Chinese traditional festival and culture event Spring Festival( Chinese New Year)!

In ancient China, the year-end lunar December 腊月 (Làyuè) belonged to the "Month of Sacrifice". The reasons for its formation: 1. Years change, one must offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods; 2. The weather is cold and the farming is idle and labor is abundant, time to prepare for spring plowing and sowing; 3. The wild animals hibernate and hunting opportunities, time for hunting and make processing food. 

All those activities are connected to one important reason "Cold/ 冷(Lěng). This is a very frequent used character, and also represents two frequent used components. On the left side of "Cold/ 冷(leng) is "冫"=ice, on the right side is "令"= season, order. together, it gives very clear visual picture of the meaning, the season of ice is  "Cold/ 冷(Lěng). 

Look at style evolution of character "Cold/ 冷(Lěng) below: does the character itself look like a person sheltered under a roof from the icy weather outside? 

See how easy Chinese language is! As long as remember the composition rules of character and words,  it is really like a fun Lego game. 

Let's see an example of word composition. 

In the old days,  12th lunar month 腊月 (Làyuè) was also a good time for food processing. The hunted animals that are dried or smoked with curing salt are called "cured flavor/làwèi", such as cured fish/là yú, cured meat/làròu,  cured chicken/là jī, cured duck/là yā, and sausage/là cháng.

Until today, Chinese people still follow this tradition. Though we can buy those food in super market any time of a year, the authentic home made "cured flavor/ làwèi" by grandparents during 12th lunar month 腊月 (Làyuè) is still the flavor smoothing out the homesickness.

Isn't it like a construction game?

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keep warm in the 12th lunar month 腊月 (Làyuè)!

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