🎄Christmas in the air of hihilulu Atelier 🎄
    Date of publication :12/13/2021 1:55:20 PM


Christmas  圣诞节 is on its way! 🎄

At hihilulu Chinese Atelier in our partner schools, teachers and students are working on the Christmas topics and preparing for the celebration with handcrafts, Christmas choral in Chinese version, making greeting cards in Chinese.....

The Atelier is fully wired around the themes of winter and festival. When the topic is relevant to kids, it arouses the curiosity and improves class engagement. 

From key oral expression of 圣诞, to snow balling expressions such as 圣诞节/ Christmas, 圣诞树/Christmas tree、圣诞老人/ Santa Claus、圣诞礼物/gift、圣诞快乐/Merry Christmas,kids learn to converse seasonal topics from theme-based songs and cartoons.

While acquiring oral language, the Atelier never forgets its fundamentals: some minutes of visual recognition of Chinese characters木林森/ tree, wood, forest.  Do you know there are 1020 Chinese characters composed partly by the component /tree?  Isn't it important to build solid base from beginning?  

Yes, this is the unique feature of Dual Tracks Chinese teaching advocated by hihilulu: immersive theme learning for oral language, and character-based literacy. 

Same methodology is applied at our Online Class! By recognizing age factor and personality in language learning,  hihilulu certified teachers make tailored plan for each young learner.  Are you ready for a sustainable Christmas gift for your kids:


Pick up Chinese through cartoons  

Learn Chinese characters like snow-balling!

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